1. qahera:

    a quick comic on accountability. sometimes it is important to disassociate yourself from patriotism and realise when you are contributing to the suffering of others. 

    the names of the martyrs listed in panels 23, 24 and 25 are as follows:
    [panel 24]
    1. Mohammed Shaaban, 24
    2. Ahmed Shaaban, 30
    [panel 23]
    24. Abdel Hadi Jamaat al-Sufi, 24
    25. Naifeh Farjallah, 80.
    26. Abdel Nasser Abu Kweek, 60
    27. Khaled Abu Kweek, 31
    28. Mohammed Areef, 13
    28. Amir Areef, 10
    30. Mohammed Malakiyeh, 18 months old
    31. Hana Malakiyeh, 27
    32. Hatem Abu Salem, 28
    33. Mohammed Khaled al-Nimri, 22
    34. Sahar Hamdan, 40
    35. Ibrahim Masri, 14
    36. Mahmoud Nahid al-Nawasra
    37. Mohammed Khalaf al-Nawasra, 4
    38. Nidal Khalaf al-Nawasra al-Meghazi, 5
    39. Salah Awwad al-Nawasra al-Meghazi, 6
    40. Aisha Nijm al-Meghazi, 20
    41. Amal Youssef Abdel Ghafour, 27
    42. Ranim Jawde Abdel Ghafour, an 18-month-old girl
    43. Rashid al-Kafarneh, 30
    44. Ibrahim Daoud al-Balawi, 24
    45. Abdel Rahman Jamal al-Zamli, 22
    46. Ibrahim Ahmad Abideen, 42
    47. Mustafa Abu Mar, 20
    48. Khalid Abu Mar, 23
    49. Mazen Farj al-Jarbah, 30
    50. Marwan Slim, 27
    51. Hani Saleh Hamad, 57
    76. Omar al-Fyumi, 30
    77. Abdullah Ramadan Abu Ghazzal, 5
    78. Ismail Hassan Abu Jamah, 19
    79. Hassan Awda Abu Jamah, 75
    80. Mohammed Ahsan Ferwanah, 27
    81. Yasmin Mohammed Mutawwaq, 4 
    82. Mahmoud Wulud, 26
    83. Hazem Balousha, 30
    84. Nour Rafik Adi al-Sultan, 27
    85. Ahmad Zaher Hamdan, 24
    86. Mohammed Kamal al-Kahlout, 25
    87. Sami Adnan Shaldan, 25.
    88. Jamah Atieh Shalouf, 25
    89. Bassem Abdel Rahman Khattab, 6
    90. Abdullah Mustafa Abu Mahrouk, 22
    91. Anas Rizk Abu al-Kas, 33
    92. Nour Marwan al-Najdi, 10
    93. Mohammed Mounir Ashour, 25
    94. Ghalia Deeb Jabr al-Ghanam, 7
    95. Wasim Abd al-Rizk Hassan al-Ghanam, 23
    96. Ra’ed Hani Abu Hani, 31
    97. Shahraman Ismail Abu al-Kas, 42
    98. Mazen Mustafa Aslan, 63

    [panel 25]

    998. unknown
    999. unknown 
    1000. unknown

    (at the time of writing this comic, the list of victims was at 1000. it has now surpassed that number. the full list is here).

    no politics, just regular human stuff. 

  2. neoafrican:

    Sauti Sol - NISHIKE (TOUCH ME) Official Music Video

    "NISHIKE" (TOUCH ME) is the third single off Sauti Sol’s upcoming third album. Song written/performed by Sauti Sol. Produced by Kagwe Mungai. Video directed by Enos Olik/Bokeh Family 2014. Assistant Director: Marvine Obaga. Video Styling: Anabelle Onyango. Executive Production: Sauti Sol Entertainment. Nishike (Swahili for Touch Me). Follow @SautiSol for more.

    ok, the colours & tones in this vid are madd!
    Especially the car part -perfect. 

  3. Ah mate…! Looks like I’ve got my first convert on Tumblr… :D

    Folks, I’d like to introduce you to my brethren, @djstebo, from South Africa.

    He’s a tri-lingual law graduate, Ambassador to the South African House music scene in the UK, a Gooner (hey, nobody’s perfect :P ), but most of all, a charming intellectual fella with a chilled personality.

    I wouldn’t suggest following him if I didn’t feel he weren’t someone worth following. Man’s got banter. :P
    Yes, yes, he follows back.

    And not confirming or denying anything… But there might be a PALP thing (Peace And Love Propaganda) in there somewhere. Maybe.

    Anyway, follow the guy & welcome to tumblr DJ Stebo. :)

  4. afro-textured-art:

    Capital with Four Heads

    Date: ca. 1225–50

    Geography: Made in Apulia, probably Troia, Italy

    Culture: Italian

    Medium: Limestone from Apulia

    Dimensions: Overall: 14 1/8 x 13 x 13 in. (35.9 x 33 x 33 cm) Base: 7 3/4 in. (19.7 cm) Hole for Pin Mount: 9/16 x 2 3/16 in. (1.4 x 5.5 cm) weight: 108lb. (49kg)

    Four heads emerge from bunches of acanthus leaves to form the corners of this capital. One is a Moor with tightly curled hair. These heads, which may allude to the Nations of Man, are close in style to examples by Apulian sculptors working for the court of Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen

    Located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Sources: [x] [x]

  5. Henry Ossian Flipper



    The first African American to graduate from West Point as an officer, he went on to become the first Black military officer to command regular troops in the U.S. Army. Not without controversy and adversity, though. 

    Read More

  6. tri-ciclo:

“El Sueño" Franz Marc, 1912


    El Sueño"
    Franz Marc, 1912

  7. Just downloading it now… ;)

    Just downloading it now… ;)

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